Aware Course Outline

Unit 1: Building Assessments - Quick Start Guide

Get started with assessment building in Aware! Learn more about creating assessments and test keys, searching item banks, and previewing test questions. 

Unit 2: Building Assessments - Designing Local Assessments

Go deeper with assessment building in Aware! Extend your learning and application of assessment design by authoring items, setting item attributes, and more. 

Unit 3: Building Assessments - Managing Student Supports

Let's make Aware assessments accessible for all learners! Learn how to enhance your assessment design by including accessibility features and designate supports to students. 

Unit 4: Building Assessments - Preparing and Modifying Test Entries

Let's prepare for data collection with an Aware assessment! Ensure your data collection is accurate and up to date by appropriately preparing test entries before making the test available to students. 

Unit 5: Online Test Proctoring

Get started with online test proctoring basics! Learn how to enable online proctoring, set student supports for a test, and use the Enter Answers feature after testing.

Unit 6: Teacher Data Analysis

Get started with data analysis in Aware! Take control of the data you collected during testing and learn how to compare different assessments, run reports, and explore templated data views.

Unit 7: Student Portfolio Management

Take student growth to the next level! Discover how to design a portfolio in Aware, add students, track progress, and assign growth labels.

Unit 8: Single Test Analysis

Dig deeper with assessment analysis! Use this Aware Premium feature to focus your attention on a single assessment. Analyze by item, standard, demographic, and more using interactive, live-data charts.